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Meals prepared from SCRATCH! Our food is food your mother would want you to eat. Know what every ingredient in your meal is. Sit down at your table and have a taste of homemade food every time you open one of our meals. All our meals are made by hand using traditional methods used in most South Asian homes. We take time honored traditional cuisine and deliver it to your door
You Order
We update our menu every week with many delicious and nutritious meals. You can pick your top choices depending on your taste and preferences.
We do the cooking
Each Khana Fresh meal is prepared by culinary specialists using the freshest spices, vegetables, breads, and or halal meats. Your order is sent to our chefs who prepare your ready to eat meals.
We Deliver
Don’t settle for take-out or fast food when you have us. Let us do the cooking while you can do the eating. Food comes from our kitchen to your table.
Simply heat, eat and repeat
Khana Fresh meals can be warmed on the stove, in the oven, or microwave in minutes. Our meals taste great in a tray but look great on a plate. Either way you’re never more than a couple minutes away from a delicious meal.

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