Frequently Asked Questions

Khana Fresh provides fresh, prepared kitchen to table meals. We shop, we prep, we cook, and deliver to your door for you so you can enjoy delicious meals without the hassle. Unlike takeout or greasy restaurants our food is nutritionally sound leaving you looking great, feeling amazing. You will have time and energy to focus on what you need.
Khana Fresh meals will stay fresh for 7 days in the fridge. We do not use any artificial preservatives, instead we seal our food with MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging). MAP lowers the amount of oxygen in the container, slowing the natural breakdown/ oxidation of food products. If you’ve ever bought a bag of salad or any fresh, packaged food product, it has been packaged using a similar technology. Our goal is to deliver fresh food from “Our Kitchen to your Table”
100% hand slaughtered halal chicken, beef, or goat is delivered daily to ensure freshness and quality by partners and suppliers. We also butcher inhouse to deliver the best cuts of meat for each meal.
You will be billed weekly for your meals. At any point during the week leading up to your cutoff day you may log in to our site and adjust your meals for the following week. If you are happy with your meal choices, you don’t have to do anything!
Yes, you can cancel your subscription after at least 2 weeks.
Yes, our system will calculate the delivery fee based on your mileage from our location.
Yes, all meals are fully cooked and just require heating.
Yes, as long as you have not yet been charged for the current weeks order you can pause your subscription.

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