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Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

Each freshly meal is perfectly sized for one person to enjoy at one sitting. Out fully prepared meals are delivered fresh, and ready to eat in 3 minutes.

Check out our food packaging, meticulously designed to ensure your meals are delivered right to your doorstep in pristine condition!

We offer doorstep delivery from Tuesday to Friday

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At Khana Fresh, we’re experts in crafting Halal Indian, Pakistani, and other South Asian delicacies. Explore our fusion meals for a delightful twist on your favorite flavors!

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Sit back and relax as we handle everything for you. From sourcing premium Halal meats and top-notch ingredients to crafting mouthwatering, authentic South Asian dishes, our focus is on tradition and taste. Our nutritionally balanced, wholesome meals are conveniently portioned, making reheating a breeze. Just await the delivery to savor the goodness in the comfort of your home.

Absolutely, every meal delivered by Khana Fresh adheres to Halal standards.

We provide vegetarian options to cater to your preferences. Our menu is designed to accommodate a wide range of tastes. You can look forward to a variety of vegetarian choices each month, along with options for chicken and beef dishes.

Absolutely! Each meal is meticulously cooked to perfection, ensuring a delicious dining experience every time.

Khana Fresh meals maintain freshness for up to a week in the fridge or a month in the freezer without any artificial preservatives. Our innovative technology, akin to prepared salad bags, minimizes oxidation by lowering oxygen levels. Our commitment is to deliver kitchen-fresh food straight to your table.

Preparing our meals is a breeze—simply follow the instructions on the package for quick heating. Whether it’s the microwave, stove top, or conventional oven, you’ll have your delicious meal ready in just a few minutes.

Should you find yourself unsatisfied with the meals, simply return the remaining ones within 10 days of receipt, and we’ll refund your entire shipment hassle-free. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Our meals are shipped using UPS’s 2-day service for swift delivery. Choose between our convenient one-time purchase of bulk meals or opt for our flexible, weekly recurring subscription meal plan for ongoing convenience.

Presently, our delivery extends to Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, michigan , Indiana, and Ohio. We’re expanding to reach even more locations soon!

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