The Impact of Using Plastic for Preserving on the Food Quality

Food preservation is an important component of our daily life in today’s fast-paced society. It guarantees that we have access to fresh and safe food even when it is out of season. Plastic packing is one of the most frequent techniques of food preservation. While plastic has undeniably transformed the way we store and transport food, there are questions regarding its influence on food quality.

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Food Quality and Its Importance

Food quality is a broad notion that includes flavor, appearance, texture, and nutritional value. It’s what separates a delightful meal from a disappointing one. Preserving these qualities is of paramount importance in the food industry and in our homes.

Methods of Food Preservation

Food preservation entails slowing or limiting the growth of bacteria that cause deterioration and decomposition. Throughout history, many processes such as canning, drying, salting, and refrigeration have been used. Plastic packing, a relatively new addition to the preservation armory, is both efficient and cost-effective.

The Role of Plastic Packaging

Because of its versatility, durability, and affordability, plastic packaging has become prevalent in the food sector. It acts as a barrier to oxygen, moisture, and impurities, effectively extending product’s shelf life. Plastic wrapping is ubiquitous in grocery shops worldwide, from pre-packaged salads to vacuum-sealed meats.

Impact on Food Quality

While plastic packaging excels in preserving food by forming a protective barrier, it does have several limitations in terms of food quality:

  • Aromas and Flavors: Plastic containers can collect and release aromas, thus contaminating flavors. For instance, a plastic-wrapped cheese may acquire the scent of nearby onions, affecting its taste.
  • Moisture Control: Some foods require a certain degree of moisture to stay fresh. Plastic packing may mistakenly hold extra moisture, resulting in deterioration or texture alteration.
  • Nutrient Retention: Prolonged storage of meals in plastic containers can reduce nutritious content. When exposed to oxygen, vitamins such as vitamin C can deteriorate.
  • Environmental Concerns: While not directly related to food quality, the environmental impact of plastic packing cannot be overlooked. Improper disposal can pollute the environment and endanger ecosystems.

Minimizing the Impact

Several methods can be done to create a balance between the benefits of plastic packaging and its influence on food quality:

  • Choosing the Right Plastic: Choose food-grade plastics that are engineered to have minimal interactions with food.
  • Proper Storage: Follow recommended storage guidelines to maintain food quality. Use plastic packaging as intended, and avoid overextending storage times.
  • Alternate Materials: Look into alternate packaging materials for specific commodities, such as glass, metal, or biodegradable plastics, to reduce flavor transmission and environmental impact.
  • Recycling and Responsible Disposal: Recycling plastic packaging whenever possible is a responsible way to dispose of it.

To summarize, the impact of plastic food preservation on food quality is a difficult subject. While plastic packaging offers indisputable advantages in terms of prolonging shelf life and reducing food waste, it can also have an impact on taste, texture, and nutrient content. As a result, it is critical to strike a balance by selecting proper packaging, adhering to storage requirements, and evaluating alternate materials. Ultimately, responsible consumption and disposal practices play a crucial role in mitigating the environmental impact of plastic packaging.


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